Calm'n Scents Store


Whenever you visit Calm ‘n Scents in Sarnia, ON, there is always something new and unique to look forward to. We have a variety of aromatherapy and metaphysical products that can uplift your body, mind, and spirit.

Janelle – Janelle is of the Bear Clan and comes from a family of medicine people. She is the new owner of Calm ‘n Scents and is eager to carry on providing Sarnia with all that the store has to offer. Her knowledge of traditional Native American medicine and mentoring with the founder, Maureen Lees, has given her a great foundation of continued growth in aromatherapy & natural healing.

Neesa – Her spiritual journey has brought her to Calm ‘n Scents, eager to learn & help others pursue a mindful lifestyle. With a background in pharmaceutical science, she has taken to the learning of natural living with essential oils, herbs, crystals and meditation to guide clients down their life paths.

Neesa’s favourite right now is the Nameste blend!
“It’s lovely to diffuse at home or wearing it with my aromatherapy jewelry. It helps me feel relaxed and smells devine.”

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